Deccan Herald (Realty) – Home is where the office is

“An office space that relates and reflects the daily activities of the employees will set the trend. The office design should be a reflection of the kind of work that is done there,” says Shivalika Midha, Assistant Studio Director; KGD. With the change of times and lifestyle, a critical care for elements of ergonomics i.e. light, noise, temperature, ventilation, work space, work process and human behaviour has been taken care of.”

DH (Realty) - Home is where the office is - Jan 28, 2011 (Pg 1)DH (Realty) - Home is where the office is - Jan 28, 2011 (Pg 2)

Go vertical, rotate, live in the Alps

HT - Go vertical - rotate - live in the Alps - Jan 22 2010 - Shameer - hi res

Featured in Hindustan Times

Deccan Herald – What’s the good word this year

The coming year will see more of integrated townships’ approach. “It is a single sustainable set-up enabling one to possess better access to amenities in an urban environment. I foresee a demand for high-end residence though small in area. People are more conscious of their needs and look forward for better amenities within their comfort zone. Market for villas is also expected to grow, especially due to the Indian mindset of owning a land than a flat,” says Ajay Gupta, Technical Director, KGD India – An Architectural and Engineering firm.

DH - What's the good word this year - Jan 7, 2011 (pg1)

DH - What's the good word this year - Jan 7, 2011 (pg 2)

Designs on Hospitality

Featured in – Hotelier India Magazine

Naveen Kumar, VDC- Project Manager, KGD India (an architectural and engineering firm) says, “Building information is the process of generating and managing digital building data during its lifecycle. Typically it uses 3D, realtime, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building design and construction. The process produces BIM, which encompasses building geometry, spatial relationships, geographicinformation and quantities and properties of building components.” In fact the software used varies in each stage of the project lifecycle. Vico Software Control™ is a unique location based construction management system that enables the creation of significantly compressed schedules without increasing risk. The standard package includes schedule planning, project control, procurement, and risk management. Advanced features include micromanagement, costs and even logistics and quality. Architectural BIM authoring tools refer to software with which the architectural intent model is created. Structural BIM authoring tools include software with which structural intent and analysis model is created. Software is also used for MEPF (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection) intent and analysis model as well as for model based estimating 4D model. BIM co-ordination and scheduling tool software are also available. The Synchro Professional 4.1.1 Release provides complete construction visualisation, project scheduling, advanced risk management, synchronization with design changes, supply chain management and cost allocation for comprehensive, virtual construction simulation. It enables consideration of alternative scheduling options, resource allocation, and time and cost savings to be evaluated. This software is used to define and communicate to the entire construction project delivery team what, when and where work is occurring on the project. It can work either standalone managing the project model independently or in combination with Synchro Server in managing collaborative access to a centralised project model.

Hotelier India (Mag) - Designs on Hospitality - January 2011-1 Hotelier India (Mag) - Designs on Hospitality - January 2011-2