It’s mid year and we are celebrating!

This is that time of the year when we celebrate our midyear party at KGD Architecture. This year we combined our midyear party with Iftar on 10th of July. Amidst the Bangalore rain and busy work schedules, the directors and employees of KGD took time off to be a part of the midyear celebration. Managing Director, Nejeeb Khan greeted everyone to an evening of enlightenment and fun. The evening started with a presentation talking about the year of turnaround at KGD highlighting International Expansion, Knowledge Center Development, New Projects, Promotions and Fun awards/recognition.



Nejeeb Khan, MD greets everyone

Knowledge Center:

Executive Director Ajay Gupta spoke about various knowledge centers and departments inviting departmental heads to talk about the teams and processes. Ajay said, “Since the last 6-7 years we grew internally, we grew project-wise and have been talking about knowledge centers. But this is the year when we are formalizing the concept of knowledge center.”


Ajay Gupta, Executive Director



Nejeeb Khan, Ajay Gupta, Shivalika Midha




Here is the list of all the knowledge center and departments:

Delhi Office

Oman Office


Real Estate

Resorts & Destinations





Design n Build


Ajay Gupta and Amit Chawla


Ajay Gupta and Prasanna Kumar


Ajay Gupta and Shiva Prakash


Ajay Gupta and Shanthi


Ajay Gupta and Allen


Allen talks about Fluid 3D


Engineering Team – (L to R: Devaraj, Naveen, Kiran, Umashankar, Deepak)


Harilal talks about Revitization of KGD


International Expansion:

KGD is partnering with an Oman based company to broaden our presence in the global market. Shameer Mohamed has been appointed as Studio Head in Oman.


Shameer Mohamed and Ajay Gupta




Shameer and Shivalika

New Projects:

A whole new range of completed projects were showcased under various sectors like Residential, Commercial, Master Planning and Corporate. The MD congratulated every team that were involved saying “Before we were always chasing numbers, but now we are a brand and are being recognized everywhere because of the kind of work we have done at the various airports & hospitals.”

In the last few years we have become one of the front runners for Real Estate projects. We have designed some of the best upbeat high-rises, affordable living spaces and master plans. There are other sectors where we have done tremendous also like Healthcare, Hospitality and Resorts, Offices, Retails etc.


Real Estate:

Shobha City

Team: Shiv, Shanthi, Veda teams

Jain Heights, West Grand

Team: Shiv, Shanthi, Veda & Engineering teams

Salahuddin’s House, Dubai

Teams: Shiv, Shivani & Shanthi teams

Provident, Herohalli

Teams: Shiv, Shameer & Shanthi teams 

Flora Athirapally

Teams: Sriram & Shanthi teams

Flora Vythiri

Teams: Shameer, Sriram & Shanthi teams

Shimmering Heights

Teams: Shameer team

Nest – Campus Wood

Teams: Shiv & Veda teams


Teams: Veda, Sriram, Engineering & QS team

Saideep Estates

Teams: Shameer & Shiv teams


Teams: Shanthi, Shiv & Delhi team


Chintel Plaza, Gurgaon

Team: Shiv & Delhi Office

W H Smith

Team: PMC

Master Planning:

Vars & Kens Developers

Teams: Shiv, Akthar & Engineering teams

KEF Industrial Park

Teams: Shanthi



Team: Sudheera, PMC & Engineering teams


Team: Sudheera & Engineering teams

L&T ECC Deloitte, Hyderabad

Team: Shiv team

Mfar, Manyata Tech Park

Teams: Shameer, Shiv & Shanthi teams

Model Industrial Park

Teams: Shameer, Shiv & Delhi Office

Shoppers Mall

Teams: Shameer & Shiv teams



Team: Khaiber

IBIS – Goa

Team: Prasanna

Resort in Hoskote

Team: Sriram & Veda’s teams


Sant Nirakari

Team: Shiv & Prasanna’s teams

DM Dubai Palace Hospital

Team: Shiv

Ashwini Medical Hospital

Team:  Prasanna

DM Ero Aster

Team: Sudheera & Prasanna’s teams

MIMS Perinthalmanna

Team:  Prasanna

MWCH Hospital – Dubai

Team: Sudheera & Prasanna’s teams

Columbia Asia – Whitefield

Team: Khaiber & Prasanna’s teams

Oxford Teaching Hospital

Team:  Prasanna

PHS – Calicut

Team:  Shanti


LnT Metro Station – Hyderabad

Team: Shivani

BIAL Airport Plaza

Team: Shameer

Pranaam Lounge – GVL, MIAL

Team: Shivani & PMC team

Bali International Airport

Team: Shivani

Bali Domestic Airport

Team: Khaiber

Kimaya – MIAL

Team: PMC

Celebrating KGD culture:

It is really the people who make KGD a fun place to work. Everyone here is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. As our Director, Shivalika Midha points out, “a successful organization starts with great company culture. Company values, vision and guidelines define a business and, ultimately, its performance.”


All newbies introducing themselves


All newbies introduce themselves


Four committees were formed / revived:

  • Design Cell & Design Competitions
  • Urban Design
  • Historic Restoration
  • Revival of 360 degrees

Shivani Gour talks about Revival of 360 degrees

The HR calendar was rolled for year full of excitement and fun. Gear up for a series of in-house training, sports day, creativity contests, team lunches, social responsibilities like cleaning up the neighborhood, visiting orphanage, day trips, annual party etc.

“It is important to recognize everyone and boost their good work further.” Says Nejeeb Khan as the promotion lists were announced and the fun awards were given away.

Here is the complete list of promotions:

Shameer Mohamed | Studio Head – Oman – Senior Associate | Architecture

Prasanna Kumar V | Technical Head – Healthcare – Senior Associate | Architecture

Shiva Prakash K V | Principal Design Architect – Senior Associate | Architecture

Khaiber Shiken Siddiqui | Studio Head – Senior Associate | Interiors

Karthick P | Head PMC – Associate | Interiors

Swetha Makkena | Project Manager – Associate | Interiors

Lavanya Venkata Rathnaiah | Finance Head – Associate | Finance

Veda T N | Project Manager | Architecture

Ahktar Imam | Project Manager | Architecture

Shanthidevi Muthu Swamy | Design Head-Landscape | Landscape

Umar| Construction Manager| Interiors

Sriram| Principal Designer – Resorts| Resorts & Destination

Allen| Studio Head| Fluid 3D

Naveen | Studio Manager – Engineering|

Kiran Kumar C | Design Head-Electrical | Engineering

Devaraj Kattimani | Design Head – Fire & life safety | Engineering

Deepak Mascarenhas | Design Head-HVAC | Engineering

Balaji Gunasekaran | Asst Project Manager |Architecture

Punitha Gopashetty       | Asst Project Manager | Interiors

Jomy George | Team Leader |Interiors

Rajiv M Vyas | Sr. Landscape Architect |Architecture

Hemamalini N | Senior Design Engineer | Engineering

Yasir Bari | Project Architect |Architecture

Rajesh | Senior IT Administrator| IT

Parvathy Harikesavan| Senior Architect | Interiors

Suparna| Lead Urban Designer| Architecture

Sushir | Project Architect – Design | Architecture

Mala N | Interior Designer | Interiors

Veenasree B S | Interior Designer | Interiors

Sathishchandra Prajapati | Sr CAD Engineer | Engineering

Nagabhushan K P | Sr CAD Engineer | Engineering

Subhash Kumar Mandal | Cad Technician


Balaji receiving Champions award from Khaiber



Interior Viz Studio team receiving Make It Happen award




Akhtar Imam receives his Champion award


Shanthi receives her Champions award


Sulaxmi receives her Rising Star award


Other awards:

Emerging Leader

Suparna, Punitha, Tanu, Sneha, Jomy, Nayaz, Yasir


Rising Star

Rajiv, Kavya, Sulaxmi, Subhash, Uday


Make It Happen

Interior Viz Team, Madhu, Rathi, Umar, Binu, Surbhi



Naveen, Harilal, Tam, Naresh


Unsung Hero’s

Sushir, Deepak, Girija, Naveed, Sushma, Veena, Vijay Anand, Gaurav



Balaji, Akhtar, Swathi R, Shanthi, Nimisha


Rookie Star

Shweta S, Amirta, Merlin, Kalish, Sharda, Amit Sharma


KGD Ninja

Kriya, Manjunath, Sumil, Midhun, Dhananjay, Amit Chawla


Prayers followed by traditional Iftar food. It was time to dig into the deliciously laid out menu at the buffet. It was an enjoyable evening with everyone. The midyear & Iftar party ended with more ideas, more enthusiasm with lots of happy faces recharged to do something new, to face a new challenge to move ahead!


Mintu and Simon



KGD Support team (L to R: Rathi, Surbhi and Tam)



Shivalika and Nejeeb share a light moment


fun and laughter all around



It’s mid year and we are celebrating!

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