Interview | Creative Spaces at Aditi

What makes a great workplace? We all have our own ideas about what makes a great workplace. There are a lot of things to be considered as indispensable in a top workplace, it’s important that it make you feel innovative, productive and inspired.

Aditi is one such place; here is what they have to say about their workplace and their wall art in office. You can also visit their blog to know more.

Aditi help businesses accelerate their revenue growth through Systems of Customer Engagement. By bringing together market leading expertise across cloud, design, analytics and mobile, we help businesses engage, understand and monetize their customers.”


The Litehouse

The Litehouse

Q: The human spirit, the spark for creativity, can be sparked by absolutely anything…so what sparked your creativity to paint the walls at workplace?

At Aditi, our culture is one of creativity. We consider ourselves inherent geeks in the work we do, the technology that we work with every day and our passions, such as hacking, coding and video gaming marathons. An environment full of geeks is an especially creative one where crazy and awesome ideas are constantly driving the way we collaborate and bring out solutions for our customers. In order to make this environment conducive, the Aditians were allowed to paint their bay walls and customize their workplaces to create the space that best reflects themselves and the work they do. The idea was sparked by the employees of Aditi and the geek in us was thrilled to implement this.

Q: “Great ideas come in a great workplace. And great workplaces have great workstations.” Isn’t this a new concept of 21st century workplace?

Traditional workplaces have workstations and cubicles that are geared more towards the individual. But in today’s day and age, collaboration is the key to building a successful team that can ship great ideas and solutions. While working together, employees need to create a space that inspires them as a team. By breaking away from the conventional workstation system, employees can create work areas that suit their personality, hence fostering an environment where they build a space they can call their own.


Q: So, who came up with this idea?

Aditians came up with this idea.  In this instance we allowed individual teams to come up with ideas and suggestions. Each team wanted to create their own personal space that inspired them to come up with great ideas, awesome code and amazing solutions. Once the idea was executed, more employees wanted to try the same in their work areas and we let them go for it!

From inception, Aditi has always believed in creating an environment that is not just another workplace, but one that employees want to come to each day and enjoy themselves, as they work. This initiative was a move to create that feel.



Q: What was the inspiration/ideas/themes/concept behind these various wall art?

Being a collection of art, caricatures and graffiti, every Aditian who participated in the wall-painting session brought out their inner geek and painted what inspired them the most. If you look at the wall art, it is a reflection of all the images, visuals and memories that have inspired each employee and best reflects themselves.

 Q: Was there any time-frame and budget involved? Do give the details.

 There was no time frame involved. The best illustrators and artists from each team came with their colors and pallets one day and began working on each wall.



Q: Do you have a design team? What kind other fun design work do they indulge in?

Every Aditian is naturally a designer. We bring awesome design into every aspect of our work and in order to be able to do this, we to have a space that inspires and fosters creativity. The regular employees aside we also have a team called Aditi Litehouse which focuses on creating amazing artwork, user interfaces and designs for our customers.

Q: What’s the next fun thing you are planning?

At Aditi, one can never say! It’s all up to the employees. The Aditians come up with crazy and whacky ideas to make Aditi a great place to work and if it was wall art yesterday, it could be roof art or bay decorations tomorrow, a hackathon or a video game marathon. We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂


Interview | Creative Spaces at Aditi

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