The Exuberance of Heritage

Sumil Dutta, Architect at KGD-Architecture shares his winning entry(special mention) for designing label for first Limited edition of Absolut for India.

What was the challenge all about?

Absolut, India organizes a design competition for their label to be released for the first limited edition of Absolut Vodka in India. They wanted the design to be a part of history and be part of the rich creative heritage of Absolut through the essence of India. The selected label will be widely visible for their marketing campaign for the limited edition and on shelves all over the country.

The challenge was to create an India-themed design, about what you love most about India into a fresh, inventive design.

Sumil Dutta

The Exuberance of Heritage – Sumil Dutta

What was your design philosophy?

The Exuberance of Heritage

The design shows elements which are very specific to India highlighting the natural and architectural heritage of the country. The elephant with a raised trunk is a symbol of good luck and fortune while the silhouette of Qutub Minar is symbolic of the architectural prowess of our country. Auto rickshaw is an element which has been a part of people’s daily life or travelers from world over. The pattern behind the silhouette is a representation of the rich articulate forms which have been a part of the culture for centuries. All these elements are restricted to the country and in conjunction say for sure it is ‘Absolut India’!!

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