Flee Market 2015

KGD Architecture organised an internal Flee Market in November 2015. Employees could make and sell things – creative or otherwise. the response was noting short of fabulous.

Here’s a peek at what happened:

KGD Digital Art/ Graphitti/ Wallart Competition

KGD Architecture organised internal Digital Art/ Graphitti/ Wallart Competition for the year 2014.

Here are the winners:



The rest of the entries cab be viewed at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.586047328189187.1073741831.173416862785571&type=1&l=8c6e5f38de

KGD Writing Challenge


KGD Architecture organised internal 55 Word Flash Fiction Writing Challenge for the year 2014.  Participants had to write a story in just 55 words or less.

Here are the winners:



KGD Photography Challenge – 2014

KGD Architecture organised internal Photography Competition for the year 2014.  Participants were given three categories to shoot in Architecture, Nature and People.

Here are the winners:

Category: Architecture

Category: Architecture

Caption: Nature

Category: Nature

Category: People

Category: People

To view all the photos : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.570080209785899.1073741829.173416862785571&type=1


Development 360 Degree – As the name suggests is all about an all-round development.

This is an initiative that came into action when all enthusiasts of KGD got together with a burning desire to do something that is beyond their professional responsibilities. Volunteers got together and brain-stormed to Ideate, Share & Action together.

The initial sessions brought forth a number of concerns, ranging from improving inter-team interaction to developing neighbourhood’s street-front. And the underlying intent was clear – to add an edge to ourselves as Individuals, to our teams, to our environment and to KGD as an International Firm. The Group began with assimilating ideas in 4 basic categories, so that like-minded efforts can function in a common direction.

Ideas were categorized under 4 streams, based on the circle of impact the initiatives will cater to – Individual, Department/ Office, KGD Cares (Create Awareness and Responsibility Effectively toward Society) and International Scenario.

The 4 teams decided to take up responsibilities and resolved to accomplish atleast 1 small step in each month.

Putting below a glimpse of the Teams and their first initiatives towards their respective streams:

– Launch Knowledge Sharing sessions’ Calendar – Launch the Material Library : Soft Lib. & Physical one at the Front Porch – Develop the street front opp. our Office. – Release the KGD Newsletter
– Initiate Inter-team Interaction – Create a Dev. 360 Corner for sharing Information – Start linking with neighboring schools for assisting in educating. – Identify Design Competitions to start working on.
1 Akhtar Imam Sudheera Shameer Mohamed Rajiv M Vyas
2 Tehmina Jomy George Swathi Rani Shruti Mukherjee
3 Harilal M. Mahesh K L Tehmina Sampada Paithankar
4 Shivani Shivani Veena Jayprakash Tehmina
5 Siddesh Rathi Dhritika Lakshmy S
6 Kriya Lenu Rathi Amrutha Varshini
7 Deepak Raj Deepak Raj Sriram Palakad
8 Sabina Zainab Dhritika
9 Jeffrey Butts Jeffrey Butts
10 Siddesh
11 Shivani

Moving forward with a Synergetic Start…..

Keep your ideas rolling and sleeved rolled in to – Action time!

All are welcome to join in any of the above initiatives. Get in touch with any of the team members to be a part of this brigade.