Sustaining Vibrancy of the Place – Walled city of Ahmedabad


Courtesy: My Liveable city magazine

Courtesy: My Liveable city magazine

Suparna Maiti, Lead Urban Designer at KGD-Architecture shares her experience working with Vastushilpa Consultants in rebuilding the old fort of Bhadra in Ahmedabad. Here is what she has to say: Continue reading

Nejeeb Khan – One of the Key Speakers at the Autodesk event

Architect & Interiors India - July

Nejeeb Khan – one of the Key Speakers at the Autodesk event – Architect & Interiors India – July 2014

Who we are and What we do?


At KGD, we aspire to create innovative design solutions that sync with the three C’s; Creativity, Cultures and Conditions to satisfy human needs, environmental care, asset creation, science and art. KGD is a global design, architectural, engineering and interior design firm established in 2003. We work across almost all verticals; transportation, healthcare, hospitality, education, commercial, residential and industrial architecture. KGD team comprises of over 300 dynamic architects and engineers from across the globe including USA, Spain, and UK with network teams in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dubai, Al Khobar and Denver.

Our design philosophy is simple and embedded in the development of architectural ideas that are minimalist, exclusive, and relevant to the specifics of both plan and conditions.
At KGD, a highly motivated team of architects and urban designers who work in a studio background which enables them to ideate and share to ensure that each project achieves the full potential of your brief and the site. We believe that clarity of expression is significant for good teamwork, and to develop design that inspires the client, stakeholders and the public.
What really puts us one step ahead of other is our ability to integrate International Design, Timely Delivery, Sustainable architecture, and 7D modeling & BIM (Building Information Modeling) to provide value for our clients while creating dynamic and unforgettable places.

“Ideas transforms into creation. They push us forward to stimulate new approach making innovations.”

With over 170 architects, designers, planners, and engineer’s teams working in 6 offices around the world, we are committed to delivering high-performance and sustainable communities, buildings and environments that exceed client expectations, contribute to human well-being and enhance the health of our planet.

Our dedicated Architectural Visualization Team uses high-end technology in creating graphics, renderings and animations that help clarifying and crystallizing design solutions to meet our clients’ most complex design challenges.

KGD strives to deliver exclusive designs that are bench marked internationally, understanding the requirements of every client and providing accurate tailor made solutions. We focus on solutions that render solutions that are profitable to the client by adopting a sense of employee ownership towards all KGD projects. We deliver stakeholder satisfaction while being a socially responsible organization.